So.. what does my photographer want me to know before the big day? Here is my top 10 secrets that your tog may never say, but wishes you knew!

Surround yourself with good people

This might sound crazy, right? All I am saying is choose wisely. Too many brides pick friends and family to be part of their wedding party because they think they should or else they may upset Auntie Anne or Nanny Jean.. The reality is, the type of people you have around you on your day is going to affect your vibe. Pick bridesmaids who LIFT YOU UP, make sure you're having the best day and not having to worry about a thing. This is your day. Embrace every moment!

We want your trust more than anything.

When you pick your photographer, you put your trust in them to know what is best. Whether that be guiding you into the best light, helping you get more comfortable or fixing up your dress, this is what we do for a living. TRUST US. We want nothing but the best for you on your big day because this reflects in your photos too. Let us do our thing and we promise, you won't be disappointed.

A few songs after the first dance is plenty of evening coverage

So many couples think that evening coverage is the most important because this is when things get a little wild, everyone lets their hair down and the shapes start getting thrown. But the truth is, alcohol is also often flowing and this means things get a little sloppy. And by sloppy, yes I do mean something of some resemblance to those 3am chats in the girls toilets with smudged mascara and hair scraped up. Now don't get me wrong, I love those moments but i'd definitely rather it wasn't captured on camera and put into my friends wedding gallery, so you see where I'm coming from? Sure, let's get some dancing shots when the party starts, but a few songs after the first dance is often plenty!

Please, please, please - don't put filters over our images

*THIS MAKES OUR HEARTS HURT* - Brides, just know that we work so so hard to create a consistent gallery for you, putting so much time and effort into every single photo, that's one of the reasons you picked us, right? So please, don't add extra filters over the top.

We get sad when you don't credit us on social media

Why, you may ask. Well, referrals from word of mouth is such a huge part of our businesses, so we really do appreciate it when you share our work with others. It helps to keep our business going and connecting with more wonderful brides! On a personal note: I do have a small plant pot addiction that isn't cheap. So please, keep tagging us so I can continue to be a crazy pot lady.

We appreciate a hot meal

Now, you may have not thought of this, but nothing says thank you to a supplier after a 10+ hour day on your feet like a hot meal. Often venues will be prepared for this, so will offer a discounted rate for supplier meals as of course we don't expect a 3 course meal like guests! Just something to keep us energised throughout the day so we can keep doing what we do best! If you want your suppliers to love you forever, drop them a message and check if they have any dietary requirements beforehand, kind gestures like this go such a long way with us. They will most definitely be doing a little happy dance to this email!

We can't control the weather

You may be checking for weeks before, is it going to rain? Is the sun going to shine? You may even be hoping your wedding photographer can come and magic some sun for the day but unfortunately, as much as we like to think we can work miracles, we can't push that big old rain cloud out the way. But do you know what we can do? We can still capture the most beautiful photos despite this! If you're a totally laid back couple, you may want to embrace it and go dance in the rain (I promise, this can make the most romantic photos ever), you can use props such as clear umbrellas OR you can hold off until the storm passes. More often than not in the UK, it doesn't rain every minute of the day, so we can go out and capture your day during a little dry spell!

That beautiful white dress is going to get dirty and that is totally ok.

So this brings me onto my next point. YEP. That white dress may not be so white by the end of the night, but honestly, that is the sign of a real good time. Worrying that your dress may get dirty is not only going to take over your day (it's kinda inevitable) but it will likely also impede on your photos! Of course, we can help you carry it around where necessary to avoid rips, tears and muddy puddles but a little dirt never did a bride any harm. I can assure you that those specks of dirt on your train aren't going to show in your photos so do not panic!

We don't want you to look directly at the camera. Ever.

As a kid, you were probably used to hearing 'ok, 3,2,1. CHEESE!' - I can promise you that there will never be a hint of that during your portrait session. This is the opposite to what most photographers want from you! We love the natural interactions, the romantic time out moments of the day and that right there is what we want to capture. So look into each others eyes and see what you notice, most couples have never actually stared at each other so much until their wedding day! Of course, for group shots we will have everyone look at us, but for those intimate moments when it's just the two of you, we want to embrace every second of that!

We LOVE hearing your feedback. That stuff never gets old.

And last, but definitely not least, FEEDBACK! Ladies and gentlemen, we cannot tell you how much we love hearing your feedback. We spend so many hours pouring our heart and soul into your galleries, so please do tell us when you love them. Every photographer knows the feeling after sending their galleries off to couples after months of wedding planning, meet ups and back and forth conversations, we become so invested in you! It is so important to us that you love your images as much as we do so your excited replies fill us with joy!